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Fitness and Time Management

Let’s talk about time! Everyone is too busy in their day to day life that number one reason for not following any fitness regime is time constrain. I want to share a few tips based on my personal experience!

Cooking time management: In a way following a quantified diet saves tons of time, Its an answer to the most common recurring question of our life, What to cook today? With a quantified diet as all food items are pre-planned along with quantities so you have your answer right there! So how to cook quantified food daily in less time? The answer is meal prep, Buy your Protein (Chicken/ Fish) in bulk for a week. Portion it according to your diet chart, marinate it, store it in a ziplock pouch/ clean wrap / small containers, store it in a freezer (Won't take more than 15-20 minutes). For things like Paneer/ Veggies, either it cut and portion them for a whole week or three days as per your convenience and store them in a refrigerator. Once you do this prep, every night you just have to takeout one pouch to De-freeze and by morning it will be good to use. You can cook in the morning or one-day advance at night, with the advance prep as above stated it will not take more than 30 minutes to cook whole day meal! if time is shorter, you can prepare a pot meal, dump all your rice, veggies, protein in one cooker and cook it together! Eggs don't take more than 5 minutes so no need to pre-cook them, if needed can boil them in advance and store them without peeling that way they will remain fresh! Workout time Management: Say you have very less time and you have 10 tasks to finish. Out of these, 5 tasks can be finished by going to one single building and for rest 5 you have to travel to different buildings to complete. What will be your strategy? Of course, you will go to that building first where you can finish 5 tasks together and thereafter as per the time available you will try and finish 6th task onward. Similarly when you have less time for gym first and foremost focus on compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises which target multiple muscle group together with one single exercise. Some examples of compound exercises are Deadlifts (works on forearms, lats, butts, hamstring, core, upper back, and lower back), Squats (works on quadriceps, glutes, and calves), Overhead Shoulder Press (works on abs, shoulder, Chest, and triceps) and Chest Press (works on Chest, Triceps, Upper Back and lats). So always start with compound exercises, followed by isolated movements for specific muscles like biceps, triceps, etc. During isolation exercises, you can do paired sets i.e. alternate sets of different muscle groups for example if you are doing Back and Biceps workout, so instead of completing all sets of one exercise in one go, do one set of say lat pulldowns, followed by one set of bicep curls. In this way, you won't require much rest in-between your sets and you will be able to workout faster. And Say in case you just have 20 minutes, hit the gym just do one compound exercise for the day and you are sorted! Please use the above tips and let me know your experiences! #fitnessjourney #Notimeforfitness #lifeisbusy #iamtoobusy #fitness #fastcooking #notimeforworkout #fitnesscoach #workout #fittrcoach #twarswinner #transformation #howtogetfit

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