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Are you losing weight for an upcoming wedding, birthday party, get together or some occasion?

Or you are losing weight because you think people will compliment you, they will accept you, you will get a better friend circle, or you will impress your ex. If your reason is one of them, the chances of you failing your fitness journey is higher. Why? Because you are making your happiness contingent on losing weight. Understand this, losing weight will definitely make you better in your day to day activities. You will become more efficient in the work that you do. You will stay healthy and will stay more energetic. Not only this it will also give you a sense of achievement when you will do it but it won't make you happy magically. Till the time you are making your happiness dependant on weight scale or on people and events the chances of failing will always remain high. You become happy when you have a sense of fulfillment and you start enjoying whatever you do. So, instead of keeping short term goals in your mind focus more on enjoying the process. Find out the diet which you will enjoy following. Choose physical activity which you love doing. Weight train because you will love to make yourself a stronger and aesthetic. In short develope habits which will prioritise you over everything. Choose the right reasons and you will never fail.

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