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First time in the gym?

Many a times I came across 'n' number of reasons from my clients, when it comes to going gym for the first time. "No time, no interest etc" But there was also one reason which was completely different from what we would actually think - "I'm not confident. I feel intimidated." The first time you step into a gym can be quite scary. You see around men who are dropping weights making odd grunting noises and looking so intensely occupied. Then, you look at the women who are in amazing shape and know exactly what they're doing. The whole experience is quite overwhelming for most people. Now, here you are at the gym, not quite sure what to do. How do you survive something like this? Well, we're here to break it down into 3 simple steps! First off, it's important to get a tour of the facility. If anything, you will get to know where the locker rooms are. Familiarise yourself with the placement of the equipment, and try to feel comfortable with your surroundings. Second step; If you can afford a personal trainer, sign up for some beginner sessions with your personal trainer. This one-on-one coaching is a great way to learn how to use the equipment that you see lying around, and also familiarise yourself with the gym. If you can't afford a trainer - ask one of them to just show you around. Don't be shy. Ask for guidance! If you ask me personally, you really don't need a personal trainer to start with. It's not a compulsion and you can still learn all the form and techniques without a personal trainer. But whatever makes you feel comfortable. The last step is something that many people make the mistake of: comparing themselves with other people, or their progress, and being hard on themselves. Do not get intimidated by that bulky muscular man who has clearly been going to the gym for years. Don't feel self conscious and think everyone is judging you. Truth be told - no one cares what you're doing! You are here to focus on your own progress. So don't get distracted by looking at other people and feeling bad about yourself. The more comfortable you feel in your skin, the quicker your progress will be, and the faster your gym beginner phase will be over - so you start to become a pro at your fitness routine!

Rohini Aaranyan

this is so true. I had a lot of apprehensions before going to the gym, and when I went for the first time no one gave a damn about it. and it continued like that for a long time. made me understand that everyone is busy

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