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Finding Time for Fitness!

Exercise Science

In a perfect world, we all have at least an hour a day to devote to our fitness. But in the real world; 24 hours a day does not seem like nearly enough time to fit in our work, school and family. Most common excuse being “no time”. Actually, nobody has time in this busy world but one has to take out some time at least for their health and fitness. When people say that they have no time to exercise that means there is a lack of self-motivation, lack of enjoyment & negative association. Most people will find time for television, social networking or even dull house hold tasks. But when it comes to find time for fitness they will simply say that they have no time. We all have reasons for not exercising, but it all comes down to time management. Have you ever thought that how a sedentary life may affect your health in the future? At that time, you have to take out time for multiple doctors’ appointment, so why not today take out some time and live a healthy and fit life. If you want to exercise you will make the time. Read on to know how you could find your time for fitness – Make a proper plan to make time for exercise. Decide the best time for exercise in your schedule and note it down in your mobile, notepad or computer. It is always OK to start very small, a five minutes’ walk now can easily turn into daily 30-minute walk a few weeks from now. So at least take out 5 minutes’ time for a healthy and fit life. When you watch the TV make the most of it. Do some ball crunches, planks, yoga poses, squats, lunges or push-ups while you are watching TV. Invest your money in fitness instead of a diseased condition. Sign up for yoga or book some session with personal trainer, any small thing counts! Always think positive. Always think that you do have time to be healthy and you are willing to do something to keep yourself active today. Your health should be on the priority list, always. Next time a friend suggests meeting over lunch, dinner or drinks, counter them with active invitation, “How about a quick walk around the lake?” Be creative in your exercise routine – For example while picking up toys, towels or trash off the floor, increase your gluteus and leg strength by doing squats instead of bending at the waist. If family obligations prevent you from hitting the gym then schedule your fitness plan in different way; there is always something to do at home! Self-motivation is the best motivation. The only failure in life is when you stop trying; try to take few minutes from your busy schedule for fit and healthy life; keep yourself motivated. Lastly, me being a 38-year young mother of a kid, a doctor, lecturer and a fitness consultant by profession can take out time from my busy schedule, so can you. Love yourself first, only then will you find time for a fit and healthy life. Hope this article will help you take your first step towards a fit life. ~Dr. Sushma Pachouri

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