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FINDING MOTIVATION 😎 ===================


We often look for motivation in our surroundings and forget that it stays within us, in our own actions. There could be few simple things that may keep you motivated enough for your goals and that being said , below are those 1) Look for smaller wins 🕺 - You may have a bigger goal to achieve and you are yet far away from it. But what about the journey? Isn’t it important and interesting. Celebrate your small wins and pat your back for them 2) Make a realistic goal and don’t be harsh on yourself 🤷🏼‍♂️ - Having big goals in life is important but they should be realistic as well. Realistic to the time frame and realistic to the situations. If we make goals beyond our reach then we are bound to fall back.. its okay to get up and move forward but then don’t be harsh on yourself for the failures. You invited it !! 3) Don’t expect instant gratification 🕝 - Things take time to happen and sometimes they take more time. You shouldn’t be impatient and must wait for the fruits till ripe. Many of us give up because we lack patience. Also don’t compare your journey with others Why?? Because you both are different in your efforts, situations and priorities. Lets not go back to the comparisons like we do with kids He got 90% and why not you ? Cummon .. look for your own self and be the best. Let others do their best. Be inspired but don’t try becomjng a zerox . Make your own story. 4) Be honest to yourself 😎 - This is so important “As you sow, so shall you reap “ This is the truth We need to be sincere with our efforts and honest with our priorities. We shouldn’t expect our results to be great if our efforts are small. You have the handles in your own hand so one should never complaint about failures with a bag full of excuses 5) Understand the process and logic. Be it anything 🧐 Fitness goals/ Business plan / Relationship . We should not he irrational. I want to be a millionare in an year I want to lose all my weight in a month I want ... Replace the “ wants from will “ & mindmap your journey for the same. I will be a millionare in 5 years I will lose weight and get fit by end of this year Things happen like that Well, what more can I write or say Stay encouraed 🤝 Have a great day all of you See Less

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Lovely article.

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