Anand soni

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Sometimes I wish I could, turn back time, impossible as it may seem!!!

How many times have we had this feeling? Scenario 1: My story: Athletic from childhood, state level cricket player in college, even in my initial IT career stayed connected to sports. But my job toppled the cart. 12 hours of office tossed all sports our of the window. There was practically no physical activity. The Weight shot to nineties, stress out of roof, I started buying larger size and worst of all on antidepressants for sometimes due to tremendous stress. "I never want to go back to that condition.... " Scenario 2: A successful Chartered accountant working with a successful MNC... everything available at the snap of fingers BUT, he loses couple of opportunities in job just because he "looked" unfit and the fitter looking people got those opportunities. "I don't want to lose well deserved opportunities simply due to my appearance..." Scenario 3: A mom playing with her 2 year old mischievous toddler...the toddler keeps racing up and down the garden and she's soon out of breath " I don't want my baby to ever feel that his mom can not keep up with him..." These 3 scenarios, the people made the decision of changing their lifestyle...and the reason being... They found their WHY. Don't just start your journey, but know the WHY behind that decision. If you know your why and you know how it feels like to be in that situation, you will NEVER EVER will be deviated from what you are doing. Having a strong WHY will keep you progressing always to better self. Write your WHY in comments and let me know WHY you started and did it help you to stay on track?

Saubhagya Sharma

it's obviously not thin vs fat, thin people should gain healthy and fat people should adopt a lifestyle in which they can maintain their ideal weight according to their hight and age. "Why" can be not only from people judging but also from themselves from ones inner voice , and nothing is impossible. I used to weigh 80 kgs I was a National swimmer, a state level basketball player noone questioned me why ? I did it to myself when I saw my stamina going down , my mood swings bothering me. Why ? am I not doing something better for myself ? so i decide to be fitter not skinny or thin to look better . Or to face the stereotypical society. it's for my own why and my inner happiness.

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