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Festivals Substitute Sheet

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In regards to my previous post, this substitute sheet would be your saver if avoiding a small piece of sweet or chocolate. This would even help you out if you want to have some good time without messing up with your diet.

So the idea is sticking to your calorie intake or slightly increasing it to your maintenance for this festival time so that you focus on enjoying rather than worrying about your calories all the time. Once you have an idea about your calorie intake, you can have some of your favourite foods, know roughly the amount of calories coming from that food and replacing some sources of carbs/fats in any combination without making much change in your protein intake. The sheet has some examples of this practice. I wish you a very happy Diwali, have a time with your friends and family. Don’t fall completely off the wagon and get back to your normal routine post all the festivities. Dieting is a lifestyle and not a punishment 😊 #diet #diettips #dieting #fatloss #weightloss #festival #diwali #fitness #fitfam #fitlifestyle
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