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It was Dusshera before, now its Diwali, then its Christmas & New Year & Mother's Bday & Dad's Retirement & Sister's Marriage; and finally Sharma Ji's health took a back seat πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

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Well, there is nothing much to explain this time.

"Diwali comes once in a year, I cannot manage diet and workout in the month of October, I have many parties and social gatherings to attend" Well you know Diwali is on 27th of October, and not from 15 - 30th October. I understand it happens once in a year but DO YOU understand that it happens only for ONE SINGLE DAY in a year. Your health issues - BP, Cholesterol, low Endurance, High BF% have been with you from ages and will keep troubling you for an entire year and they don't understand that its a special occasion in your family or it's Diwali or Christmas or Holi. This is one common excuse that we hear very often. After a few weeks, something or the other comes up and we go on a long break. Can anyone explain, why it is mandatory to have loads of sweets during the festival period or having a wine or beer is mandatory in a poker party? I am not saying with a fit lifestyle, you should stop socializing with family or friends or stop enjoying festival, but when its only one single day which it is auspicious and important, why we need to compromise our weeks for that. Excitement and celebrations for a Sister's marriage are totally understandable but understand the long term consequences of those uncontrolled celebrations. We do always admire the great transformations that we see around us or the great physique of Anupam Adarsh Mishra or Akshay Kumar, but do you think Diwali or Dusshera is not a festival for them. Obviously it is, but their dedication and determination don't let them deviate from their routine. They also celebrate all the festivals and family occasions but keep their celebrations limited to that single day and not extend it for weeks or for months. The message that I want to convey is very simple, concise and clear - Prioritize Your Commitments. It is you who has to decide the future course of your health. Don't let the society decide it. If you have opted to stay healthy, do it any cost, because, Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr


Thank you for this beautiful eye opening article! I find myself in similar situations, breaking diet routine every now and then, and repenting later on.

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