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Feeling Weak in the Gym ?

Few Reasons you are always weak in the gym :

Often at time in the gym we feel weak and do not perform at our optimal levels . There might be many point in terms of diet , sleep etc which we may neglect and which in turn affects our performance in the gym . Below are few reasons I would like to share why you might be feeling lethargic in the gym and what all can you do to overcome it 1)Sleep : Sleep is one of the most important factor . Less sleep may make you feel weak and tired in the gym . Adequate sleep and rest are completely over looked I feel by many individuals which is a huge error.Less sleep may make feel fatigued during your workouts and ultimately also affects your recovery . Try to get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep on daily basis. If you don’t get to sleep for straight 7 – 8 hours power naps can be really beneficial during the day . 2)Dehydration : Dehydration can be another factor affecting your workouts . As we all know the importance of fluid intake throughout the day , less water intake may hamper your body to not able to distribute oxygenated blood around the body with its usual efficiency. As a result fatigue is able to suppress performance levels , which may lead to an overall reduction in intensity and strength.Try to consume atleast around 4-5 L of water per day and even keep sipping water during your workout session . 3)Missed Meals : If you have missed your meals prior to your workouts you may feel fatigued during your workout session . Make sure to have some sources of carbs and protein few hours prior to your workout session. Incase you are working out in the morning make sure not to miss your meal during midnight . 4)Creating a big deficit : Other reason why people feel fatigued in the gym is due a big deficit . Creating a small deficit from your maintenance calories will not only minimise the loss of hard won muscles but also will keep your energy levels good enough in the gym . Also consider taking diet breaks in between to help you manage fatigue during your prolonged calorie deficit diet . 5)Deloads : When you keep pushing your limits everytime in the gym you may see sometimes your performance declining day by day . Even if your nutrition is on point . If you feel you aren’t able to lift more weight , handle more volume consider taking a deload period whereby you reduce the intensity or volume for a week or two . Deloads helps us to manage fatigue and comeback fresh and stronger in the gym . 6) Stress : Is your life filled with too much stress ? Work Pressure, Personal issues , Unhealthy habits etc may increase your stress levels which may directy affect your performance in the gym . Also you may notice how you gain some weight even when you are in deficit , the reason being holding some water weight due to excess stress levels. Try to manage stress by taking adequate rest and indulging into activities that makes your life better . Comment Below if you have more points to add .

Suhani Gautam

yes it's TRUE... I cant give my all whenever I diet 1200 cal... at 1450 cal I feel much better....

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