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Fatigue management!

Injury prevention & Rehab
Calorie deficit and great bouts of energy throughout the day don’t go hand in hand. In many cases, people are left feeling fatigued most of the time and this whole routine of changing a lifestyle becomes a strenuous task. That’s why many give it up mid-way. 

So, why does it happen? Can it be addressed? We’ll be discussing that today. * • Revaluate your meal plan/ calorie distribution: Many of us set fat loss goals, and we want to achieve it in a frenzy. Because we might have a wedding to attend or an upcoming photoshoot. And, we end up going for really low calories. First of all, it will work, of course, but it will stress you out so much that you will binge when you get off it. You will be back to square one in no time.  Truth bomb- Body won’t work according to your schedule/calendar. If you push it, it will cope in unwanted ways.   * • It would be best if you planned your calories wisely. Eat sufficiently, include high satiety options, plan it long term, make it sustainable, and make sure you enjoy it as well. Dieting was never about punishment or starvation. It has always been about consistency.   * • Get a blood test done: It will help to find out if you have any mineral/vitamin deficiency. In most cases, people feel fatigued if they are Vit D or calcium deficient. * • Revaluate your training regime: Trust me, you don’t have to lift for 2 hours and then do cardio for ½ an hour every-day to lose fat. Training is also individual specific. You can’t adopt ‘Chris Hemsworth’s’ routine just because it looks fancy and he got amazing results with it. You have to know your body, plan the workouts accordingly. Overtraining will just lead to fatigue and injuries. What’s the point of doing all this, if you are just not able to go through your workout session?! Read more, hire a coach may be and keep an eye on how your body responds to it. * • Rest and recovery: We often watch those videos where people struggle and rise from ashes and get in fantastic shape, and we get influenced. So much, that we think that only by struggling we will succeed. Truth is, the struggle is just unnecessarily glorified. You need to rest, you need to relax, and you need to have a good night sleep. So that you can do your routines consistently. Listen to your body! Always! * • Dehydration: You remember how water calms you down a bit when you’re nervous, angry, anxious or overwhelmed? It works in case of physical fatigue as well. Or the lack of it could be cause of fatigue. Drink lots of it. You will be surprised by the results. * • Stress management: You see, everything is interlinked. If we are getting physically strong, it transcends on a mental and emotional level too. We feel confident. Similarly, if the mental or emotional stress is increasing in our lives, it will affect our physical prowess also. Often, we ignore it. And we shouldn’t be doing that.  Spot your issues, find a spiritual guru, seek a therapist, meditate – whatever you need! But, do address it. Work on healing mentally/emotionally. It will reflect in your physicality and your surroundings too. Take care of yourselves fellas. 🙂

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