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Fat spot reduction, truth or myth?

I bet many of you just want to get a little slimmer around the thighs, bring out some definition in the abdominal region, or even tone up the arms.

People do not understand that the metabolic system of the body works as one, and not as individual systems for each muscle groups or limbs. Now when we understand this, how do we get our desired bodypart leaner in order to show muscle definition? The answer is your body has to lose an overall fat percentage by being in a caloric deficit, meaning that there has to be less total calories in than out at the end of the day. With time and effort you will lose fat everywhere on your body, from the fat around your organs to your face, oh and of course those damn abdominals. We are all genetically different and therefore storage of fat is different. One individual may store more around his thighs, giving the illusion of him being leaner as his abs are more defined compred to someone storing their fat around the waist region. So to conclude, targeting spots for fat reduction through exercise is impossible and therefore a MYTH! Some people are simply more blessed than others and that is how life goes. Remember hard work always outdoes genetics, and if you do got top tier genetics, well, consider yourself lucky and possibly send an appreciation letter to mom and dad.

Navin Goyal

That’s a fantastic article. True myth buster. This App also should have an option to share these articles.

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