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Fat loss: Genetics.

High vs Low responders.

How many times have you compared your results to someone else's? the number of times i have been questioned as to why am i not transforming as fast as the other person named XYZ, He/she can be your brother/sister, parent, relative or even your evil identical twin. Even if you have been following the diet and exercise routine diligently? Completing the exact macros, not shuffling the food and training aggressively. Sometimes, the answer is your genes. The DNA and the RNA are the genes, the genetic codes which determine your physical form, health and growth, I am not going to go in depth of them, basically c-miRNAs i.e. circulating microRNAs are a type of your RNAs. In the study done on high responders and low responders to understand the reason behind the difference of fat loss. Results: Loss of body mass (-11.0 ± 2.3 kg vs. -3.0 ± 1.3 kg; P<0.01) and fat mass (-11.1 ± 2.6 kg vs. -3.9 ± 1.6 kg; P<0.01) was greater for HiRes than LoRes (P<0.001). Expression of c-miR-935 was higher in LoRes compared to HiRes pre- (~47%; P = 0.025) and post- (~100%; P<0.01) intervention and was the only c-miRNA differentially expressed at baseline between groups. The abundance of c-miR-221-3p and -223-3p increased pre- to post-intervention in both groups (~57–69% and ~25–90%, P<0.05). There was a post-intervention increase in c-miR-140 only in LoRes compared to HiRes (~23%, P = 0.016). ( To brief in simple words: Your genetics play a huge role in your goal towards losing fat and not everyone necessarily drops fat at the same speed just because they are following everything exactly to the point. Even if you control all the factors that affect fat loss i.e. calorie deficit, hydration, psychological factors like stress, sleep, recovery, nutrition, physical activity... There is one factor which you cannot control i.e. Genes. Now, You must be wondering if it is something i cannot control then why do i need to know about it? Because the main factor that affects the end results is consistency, even if you fall on the mark of low responders still doesn't change the fact that you can transform, it's just that you are going to take a bit longer than the average joe and with that acceptance you can create a practical expectation and work with consistency towards your goal focusing on being better than you used to be.
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