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Q.1 what is Creatine? Ans. Creatine is a substance found naturally in muscle cell. It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting and high intensity exercises. Q.2 why is Creatine necessary? Ans. Helps bodybuilders and athletes to gain muscles,enhance strength and improve their exercise performances. Q.3 which is a pocket friendly and most effective Creatine supplement? Ans. Creatine Monohydrate is the cheapest and the most effective form of Creatine and can be easily bought from the market. Q.4 Dosage instructions Ans. 5 day long loading phase with 20g creatine per day. This dosage should safely maximize creatine storage in almost every one. Q.5 Do you need a break from Creatine? Ans. It is not necessary to cycle it. To maintain stores in the body you need about 2-3grms pet day. Q.6 Does Creatine cause hair loss? Ans. No, there is no potential mechanism,but actual evidence is very weak. Q.7 Does Creatine cause weight gain and make you look like bloated? Ans. It draws water into lean tissue like muscle. This varies between people but could be up to a couple of kilos of weight gain. This might make you look bloated or watery. Q.8 Does Creatine cause acne? Ans. No, it doesn't cause acne. it just makes you do more workouts, and workout sweat can cause you acne, not Creatine. #resilireher#resilireherrn#fitnesswithresilireherrn#transformation#motivation#ruknanai#tc16#karnesehoga#fittr
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