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Fall in love with the process

Do you remember when you were a small kid and your angry dad used to compel you to study for couple of hours before you play cricket with your friends outside?

How much you hated that feeling of studying? I can imagine you must have thought that dad should work in office on weekend too so that you have your own free sunny day? Do you remember the feel of unwillingness to do the necessary when you didn’t like to do that? Fast forward couple of years, now you are responsible enough towards your study and very determined for the end results. And, you know how important is to consistently put in efforts and above all love the process to get results. Now you don’t feel the restlessness while studying, you don’t bother if you will be getting good grades or not. (Why?) Because you are now giving more importance to process and you know if you do what needs to be done right then you will excel in final exams. You just don’t need to continuously think about the end results if you love the process. But why this nostalgia? We often concentrate on the final result in out fitness journey that we fail to acknowledge the journey. All we want is to reach to point B from point A. But we do not realize if we don’t consider the path to it then travelling from one point to another will be nightmare. Same goes with diet. If you treat it as punishment and you're just too concerned about only final outcome then the overall journey will be very difficult for you. It's possible that you will drop that idea too. So try to enjoy the journey. No one has put you in jail and not punishing you to do diet and workout. Its your choice to do so, if it is then enjoy the journey. You will realize that with just this thing how easy your journey will be. Start by making diet interesting and simple. Do the basic workout daily and forget about the final outcome, as it will always be good when you love the process

Meenakshi verma

very true

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