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Dieting Psychology
It seems a trend on social media and around the fitness space for individuals to tout how easy it is for them to stay shredded, they claim to eat whatever they want whenever they want, go to restaurants every day, drink like a sailor and hardly exercise. Now yes, there are exceptions, people who can seemingly do and eat whatever they want and have a photoshoot ready body or be photoshoot ready in four weeks, but this is beyond rare, they’re the 1% of the 1%, think of elite professional athletes, not the guy or girl at your local gym or on social media. The person at your local gym or on social media telling you how easy it is either not telling you their whole story or is trying to sell you on their workout program, affiliated supplement regimen or meal plan.

Quick fixes and instant gratification sells and sells very well if I told you how much work something was going to take and the process might be many months or years in length vs telling you “do my meal plan and take these supplements for just 3 months” which one would be easier to sell? The truth is people who stay magazine level lean put A LOT of work into looking like that daily and more often than not have a minimum of 3-5 years of quality training and performance-based eating experience. Do not get overwhelmed by this, keep realistic goals. Not just that build a roadmap to achieve those goals and maybe decide a timeframe if that works well for you. But always remember don't go hard on yourself while setting up goal and expectations and in case you are not able to achieve it

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