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••Failure and Discipline••


ANY person in the world whose fitness you admire, or whose body you see as an inspiration - they have, with guarantee, faced some failure along the way. And you will be no exception to this rule! The problem isn't failure itself. The problem is, how does one leverage failure and turn it into something that makes them even better at achieving their goal? The first rule in handling failure is not being too quick to give up. If you consider giving up the moment you face a little failure, you're probably not in it for the long haul, and will eventually be unsuccessful in achieving your fitness goals. The next step in handling failure is learning from your mistakes. If you face failure but don't bother to look back and analyse what mistakes you made in the past, you are not going to fix from your shortcomings and will likely fail again! Hence, make sure to evaluate every single mistake you've made along the way. Another important aspect of handling failure is is having resilience. It's important to bounce back from failure with even more zeal and eagerness to achieve what you want. If your spirits dim down the moment you fail, you'll lose the motivation and energy that fuels you to achieve your fitness goals. •DISCIPLINE Discipline is the one thing that separates the winners from the failures. Let's face it: we all feel over-ambitious one day and want to completely change our lifestyle, and do everything to achieve the body of our dreams. But what is the difference between people who actually end up doing this, and people who give up halfway? It's simple. Discipline! Discipline is a habit that must seep through your whole lifestyle. The foods you consume, the timings at which you eat, the consistency with which you work out, even your cheat days! All of these will have to be approached with utmost discipline if you want to see sustainable and natural progress. if you're someone who struggles with being disciplined, try to draw inspiration from the dedication you have towards your fitness goals. The more dedicated you are to achieving what you want, the easier it will be to develop the necessary discipline to work towards your goals. That's just how most people's psyche works!

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