Siddesh Vojhala

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Failure. Let's start with this. Is this what makes you take a back step ? Oh Lord, what if I fail? Damn! What if I couldn't make it? BIG DEAL!

FAIL. FAIL BIG. FAIL BIGGER. FAIL BIGGEST. In all the walks of our life, either we make it through or we fail. This 4 letter word stops us and makes us feel miserable about our own capabilities. Learn from your failures. Pen down all the points as to where was that missing piece of puzzle that you missed. Work on fixing that puzzle. Do not, I REPEAT, do not stay there accepting the situation and then adapting to it. You are not a failure. You are a champion. There is more to do with this body which is made of flesh and blood. You are more than it. You are a huge ball of fire who can generate innumerable amount of horse power to radiate the entire universe. Every cell in your body is screaming out there, that you have in it. You are a magnanimous energy radiating human element with a catastrophic power within. You are the element of fire which can burn down the entire forest. You are a CHAMPION! We humans are doers. We are the only speices that can make things happen with our capabilities. Then why do we give up so easily? Is it a few people's judgement that you are worried about? Is it your co-workers that will bully you if you fail? Is it the neighbors who will always look down upon you if you fail? WOW! I'm sure they pay your bills too. Don't be so fragile and think about what others have to say. Do your shit. Get it done and pay no heed to what others have to say about it. The champions only concentrate on improving their game. Wear your blinkers on, and chase your dreams. One day at a time, channelize your energies into your project, and destroy. You know why? Because YOU CAN!

Shikha Verma

it's really movitated like... otherwise I started accepting my c sec belly fat....

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