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failing to grow your biceps ?

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Not able to grow your biceps ? Try this .

There are multiple things you can do to accelerate the rate at which your biceps grow , however it is very easy to fall into the trap of doing the same thing every week which makes your ability to progress very limited. I'm sure like most you can relate to finding yourself in a routine where you're not changing things up enough and as a result things stagnate. One of the reason you may not be targeting your biceps from every angle . You can change this by changing your grip positions while doing barbell curls . Using a standard grip ( Shoulder width) hits both the head of the biceps I.e long (outer) head and short (inner) head of the biceps . Use a wide grip ( more then shoulder width) to make sure to hit the short head of the biceps ( biceps width ) and close grip curls to put extra stress on long head ( biceps peak ) . For instance do 2 sets of biceps barbell curls with wide grip for 12 - 15 reps , 2 sets of biceps barbell curls with shoulder with grip and 2 sets of biceps barbell curls with narrow grip.

Swapnil Zanwar

What are your thoughts on EZ bar(zigzag) for bicep curl?

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