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Failing on your diet every time?

Dieting Psychology
If you are someone who is failing on your diet every time then go ahead and read this post.

What is the diet? A diet doesn’t mean a keto or low carb diet etc. The meaning of diet is the kind of food that a person is eating. So, instead of calling yourself that you are following a diet tell yourself that you are just eating according to what your body needs for its functioning, for your goals and for managing your own health. Why do people usually fail in following the diet? Choosing a diet which is unsustainable and makes you struggle which is the major reason for failing. So, never choose a diet because someone else followed it and have seen the results. Instead, choose the diet which you can sustain for a longer period of time and which can be a part of your life. Healthy eating = weight loss? Many people assume that, if you eat healthily you will lose weight. But in reality, you will lose weight only if you are in calories deficit irrespective of what diet you are following. How to choose a goal? Always choose a realistic goal which you achieve by following the diet which you can sustain. Choosing an unachievable goal makes you demotivate when you don’t reach it and you may end up giving up. Split your final goal into small goals and reach one by one. If you are someone who is standing at 100kgs and have a goal to reduce 30-40 kgs, then instead of targeting that big number. Split your goal into very small goals like 2-3kgs and achieve them. Gradually you will be reaching the big number with these small numbers.
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