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Dieting Psychology

In today's world, dieting is not just about fat loss or muscle gain, it's about a healthy lifestyle for a longer run. But yet many people consider it wrong and make short term goals which aren't sustainable. Many people fail to sustain diet because of 3 common things mentioned below: 1. Expecting faster results. Understand, fitness is a lifestyle and things will take time. You just need to be consistent with your nutrition and workouts, follow a good sleep and keep tracking your progress from all angles. 2. Restricting certain food or food groups. Remember, no one got fit by eating one bowl of salad or no one got fat by eating one donut. There's no need to restrict any food items, you can just adopt a healthy lifestyle with healthy food sources and adjust them in your macros according to your goals. What we need to understand is, one particular food group is not the cause for fat loss or fat gain, it's calorie deficit which helps you for your fat loss. 3. Following an extremely low-calorie diet. Following a low-calorie diet disturbs the entire functioning of your body, you may see temporary results in such phase but it's not healthy and sustainable. What happens next? You die of hunger. So the bottom line is, Demolish the ideas of good/bad food and focus on the important factor i.e Calorie deficit. Figure out what foods make you feel happy and satisfied and what foods don't suit you. So how to sustain a diet for a longer run? Choose a diet, • Which you like the most. • Which allows you to be consistent and which you can sustain for a longer run. • Which allows you to enjoy your life without feeling restricted. So how many times have you failed before ? I have failed many times 🤭

Rittal Shah

This read made my day.. today I failed from my 2 week long diet..I believe if we follow above, we may never crave or fall off due to Hunger. Thanks for sharing

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