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Eye Ball Measuring of Food and Quantified Diet

Sharma Ji is a Pro now, he can see a bowl of rice and tell how much calories it has 😎

-‐------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the most common causes of not getting results even after weeks of a quantified diet is actually the wrong way that you are quantifying your diet. 1. Eye Ball Measuring of food items, which is a common mistake that you usually do on a regular basis. After following a quantified pattern for a few days, you gain this confidence that you can understand the quantities very well now and stop using the measuring scale. Suppose your rice intake for the lunch was supposed to be 50gms. Now to save 10 secs, you measured it with your eyes only. It might be possible that it was exactly 50 gms but the chances are bleak. It might be 60 or more or maybe less than 50 now. The number doesn't look that huge right now because its just 5-10 gms here and there i.e. 15-30 calories only but imagine that you have been doing it for all the items and for all the days. Now imagine the number of calories that you have manipulated the entire week. Do you think you were on track at all, if your calorie intake was supposed to be 1500? 2. Measuring it using a cup or a bowl, the way you have been doing it since ages. If someone asks you to eat one bowl of rice and one bowl of dal in the lunch, what do you understand by this? Which bowl will you use? The bowl I have at home might be smaller than you use in your kitchen, so which bowl size is correct out of these two? This way of measuring is the most inefficient method and not even close to a quantified diet. I understand because of the busy schedule or for some other reason, you are not able to use the measuring scale but understand one simple thing, your strong foundation is based on the baby steps that you take in your initial days. If you will try to skip the process and look for immediate results, you will end up reaching nowhere. If you are not measuring the food items with a scale, stop calling it a quantified diet. Once in a while, it's fine because some minor adjustments can always be managed but doing it on a regular basis is a strict NO. To save 2-3 minutes in a day, you are skipping the most important process. You never know that if you will start doing it the correct way, you might reach your target before time and save months and months of struggle. So next time if you think you are not getting results, look back and you might get the answer for it. So better stop complaining and start measuring, because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

Kalavati Sambrekar

true..!!! i was doing the same thing thanks for the article I will surely get back to measuring.

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