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Exercise: the most under-utilised anti-depressant...and it’s free!

Exercise Science
Over the last 20 days, myself & a number of other FITTR folk in Australia have been participating in The Push-Up Challenge to raise awareness & funds for mental health. Each day, we have been given a set number of push-ups to do, with the number representing a specific mental health statistic, with the total for the period (3,128 over 21 days) representing the number of lives lost in Australia last year due to mental health issues.

For the last day tomorrow (Sunday), our number is 120 push-ups. The reason I am sharing this post on FITTR is because exercise & mental health are directly connected. Research has shown that doing between 60-120 minutes (hence the 120 push-ups!) of exercise per week can improve symptoms of depression or maybe help prevent it in the first place. There is also some evidence that it’s extra helpful to do your exercise in a group and get yourself a social boost as well. Keeping active will not only help you stay physically fit but also mentally healthy - so get to it! 💪💪

Sandeep shirodkar

one question - as said exercise and mental health are connected "if u working out and if u get a moment in between which disturbs you mind which is focus on something else then is it obvious to get irritated" and that's not good ?

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