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Exercise science: Front squat: FAQs!!

Exercise Science
Front squat is very similar to the back squat. However, there are a few things that you should know before you perform a front squat. Let’s discuss!

Before that, here are a few questions about the front squat that I get from people often. > Is front squat a quad dominant exercise? > Why is the front squat more fatiguing? > When and why should we do front squat over back squat? About the picture!! As you can see in the picture where I’m squatting 100 kgs on the front squat, there is a yellow dotted line passing from the bar to the middle of my foot. This line represents that the bar is perfectly placed over the center of gravity and I’m a good front squatter. Jokes apart, The reason that front squat is a quad dominant exercise is that the moment arm (blue line) from the center to the knee joint is bigger than the moment arm (green line) from the center to the hip joint. This means that the torque generated from the knee joint increases than the hip joint which increases the force production from muscles that control the knee joint i.e., the QUADS! Why early fatigue? The answer to this question majorly depends on the bar placement and the griping of the bar. Now, There are a few effective ways to place the bar in the right position. The clean grip (most effective and stable) The cross grip (Effective yet not stable enough for heavier weights) The clean grip supported by lifting straps (for kids with less wrist, tricep and forearm mobility) Keeping the bar stable and posture tight throughout the movement is fatiguing due you the major involvement of mid back and upper back spinal erectors more than the back squat. Also, positioning the bar over the clavicle against the neck limits the ability to breathe optimally. However, it is still less fatiguing than the back squat due to less hip stress and less stress over the knee and the hip joint. This is because you cannot lift as heavy as the back squat for more reps in the front squat. LOL! Should you front squat? Absolutely, Yes! DO UNDER EXPERT SUPERVISION, OTHERWISE, DON’T DO IT AT ALL! ✌️✌️ Cheers, Yash Kaushik Nutrition consultant, SQUATS
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