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exercise science

Exercise Science
Exercise science: Seal Rows - The G.O.A.T. of all rows!

========================================== Hello Peeps, finally it’s time to switch to something different. Today I am going to discuss about the greatest of all time rowing exercise - THE SEAL ROW! Never heard of it? Well, then keep reading! Rowing is an amazing exercise for the mid back and lat development. Rowing helps you make your back look thicker and wider. As you may know, there are various types of rowing exercises such as seated cable rows, T-bar rows, bent over rows and many more…... BUT BUT BUT when it comes to the father of all rows for a thick and huge back I would go for seal rows. Many experts and athletes personally choose seal rows over other rowing patterns to improve horizontal pulling. Let’s talk more about the biomechanics and science behind horizontal pulling movements. To make the best out of any exercise it is important to perform a full range of motion. To get the complete range of motion from any rowing exercise it is important for your torso to be perpendicular to the line of pull. This is important for maximum scapular retraction and contraction to train the rhomboids, read delts, and lats. The seal row, as performed in the video, is one of the best exercises for complete back development Prevents hip movement and torso momentum Neutral spine throughout the movement Consistent tension Great Range of Motion. Pulling a barbell or dumbbell close to your chest will engage rear delts and scapular retractors more. However, pulling towards the hips will engage more of lat muscles. Try this and let me know how it felt. Tag your friends who should see this and look small from the back. This might change things for them! Yash Kaushik Faculty, INFS Nutrition consultant, SQUATS
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