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Exercise Choice: Stepwise Management

Exercise Science
INFS Faculty Head Dr-Akshay Alawani explains how to create an alternative exercise plan when a person is unable to perform a specific exercise using the stepwise management technique.e

Let's say a person is unable to do a particular exercise e.g. smith machine squats, but he doesn't have any related problem that is explaining this. You can use following steps one by one to fix the issue rather than immediately stopping to use that exercise in your/ your client's regimen. If one step doesn't work then you should move to the next. 1. First fix/reevaluate the form and reduce the load. 2. Try varying initial placement of the same exercise e.g. variation of feet position or bar position 3. Give the closest alternative of the exercise and seek help from a senior colleague e.g. barbell squats (no machine) 4. Give an alternate exercise that hits the same muscle e.g. leg press. 5. Recommend visit to physiotherapist Many times people are uncomfortable doing specific exercises due to multiple reasons e.g. anatomical. Hence, it is not always necessary to completely stop training the muscle group or performing a specific exercise. This 'Stepwise management' may work wonders. #infs #stepwisemanagamement #trainingtips #strengthtraining #musclebuilding #clienttraining #trainingplan #exercisetips
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