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Exercise Science
I’ve witnessed people in full panic mode because gyms are closed, firstly chill out, you are not going to lose all your gains. This is a PERFECT opportunity to work on other aspects of fitness. Here are three keys to prioritize when performing home workouts.

1. Work the entire body, unless you have a lot of gym equipment at home, this isn’t the time for a bro split. Come to think of it; no time is time for a bro split. 2. Up your frequency- do multiple short workouts a day. Plan a 60 min home workout and split it into two or three sessions throughout the day. This one is very underrated and often adds a novel stimulus. 3. Utilize your environment-Use what’s around you, not saying starting lifting sofa and bed, but instead, you can use that sofa or bed for triceps dips. The worst thing that can happen to you in this lockdown is to injure yourself by randomly lifting anything Don’t panic, these are First World Problems, and we’re beyond spoiled and entitled to have “issues” like not having thousands of rupees of gym equipment to use every day. The fact we have the opportunity to concern ourselves with daily or weekly home workouts amid a global pandemic is itself beyond a blessing. I find it best not to overthink during these uncertain times, stay active, prioritize whole foods with a high amount (optimal) of protein, and the rest will take care of itself.

sathya narayanan

Hi coach , once the lockdown ends i am planning to buy home workout equipments. Request you to suggest me what to but

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