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Essentials of a Healthy Lifestyle

TuesdayTidbits: SQUATS Expert Sairamnath Ananthakrishnan explains the essentials of a healthy lifestyle

In life, there are few things that are not under our control. The best of the lot can get sick. However, there are few things which are under our control that can prevent unwarranted situations. Here's how we can control of things and help lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity: It is very important that we are involved in some form of physical activity. When you involve yourself in any intense activity, your body’s immune system improves a lot fighting off most of the common caused infections. Improved immunity means less dependency on medication and leading a stress free healthy life. Structured Diet: No matter what you do, you are what you eat. Period. Ensure a good portion of protein, complex carbs and good fats. Choose nutrient dense foods that will keep your cravings for junk at bay. Binge eating ain’t taking you anywhere Cleanliness: Personal Hygiene is a very important aspect of life which we have been taught since childhood. Take few minutes of your time to take a shower after your workout and wash hands before you eat. Sleep: Lack of sleep can affect your cognitive abilities and your recovery from previous day work. Also lack of sleep can trigger hunger pangs (mostly sugar cravings and you know what happens next) and mood swings too. Why unnecessary trouble yourself when all you got to do is sleep for 7-9 hours? So a good sleep ensures a stress free body and mind. Key Takeaway It is all about choices. The above actions can be taken by every single one of us and it is well within our control to decide how our life can shape up. Daily dosage of the above can reduce our travel to the clinic/hospital now and even during our old age.
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