Arpit Kushwaha

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When I was in a law school, I've been reading Jean Paul Sartre and his take on essence. Reading is something which I love.

He says, essence precedes existence. By that he meant, all things have a predefined characteristics. For example, a car has four wheels, it runs and people sit in it. But it's not mandatory, tomorrow you can design a car with five or three wheels. People may sit in it or not. So, in short the details of a particular thing make that thing. Details that define that thing has actual essence. Now let's take your body. Your body exists, but how perceive it, has it's essence. You can be muscular and shredded till bone but you can be unsatisfied, you can be fat and unhealthy and you can be satisfied. Your body doesn't defines your satisfaction or happiness, but your thoughts and how perceive it, that does. I'm not saying being fat or unhealthy is a good choice obviously it has its own side effects and harms but making a negative image about and hating it has more drawbacks. So, it's always good to workout and make it better, but how you are and how you feel can be changed if you change your mindset. Your body and your mind they both together when combined form you as a human. They are not two broken things which you are trying to fix. They are two beautiful things. Work hard to make them even better, but first of all change your mindset towards it. Real transformation starts in your mind, your body is just manifestation of your thoughts. Cheers!

Madhu Shan

yes, agreed. mindset change brings great transformation. very nice 👍👌

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