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Energy Drink

Energy drinks-Does it really give you energy?

============================= As the fitness industry growing and more and more people are getting health conscious, companies are introducing new products and even "healthier" version of existing products. One of such product is energy drinks, these days they are really popular but do they serve the benefit it claims? - Energy drinks mostly have caffeine and glucose in them and just because of the prevalence of it they claim it to give you instant energy. The amount of caffeine is also not enough to give any enhancement in your workouts. But if you just having it for taste sake and counting calories of them that there is no such harm also in taking them.

Shubham Malik

Sir these days we have heard about Diet Coke (zero calories ) and people getting mad for that .. !! Sir can you please tell me how come this drink has zero calories ?? I mean it’s not a plain water ..

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