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Effective Reps

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Effective reps are the reps that actually contribute towards your hypertrophy in a set.

• According to Henneman’s size principle, the large motor units get recruited in the last few reps of the set when they are taken to failure. And the involvement of these motor units is responsible for muscle hypertrophy. This was even supported by research studies. • Some of the industry experts mentioned that it is the last 4 or 5 reps which is responsible for muscle growth and the weight lifted is not really an important aspect for hypertrophy, as long as the intensity is high. However, we don’t have any evidence to support these statements. • For now, we can be very sure that generally the last few reps are the reps that are responsible for muscle growth when the sets are taken to failure or near failure. • We also have evidence that leaving a rep or two in reserve before ending the set is not going to compromise our muscle growth. • Conclusion: if you are an individual who is ending the set with more than 3 reps in reserve then you are definitely compromising on your progress and it is time for you to perform hard sets. • Content Credit : Bala Krishna Reddy(@bala.squats ) #infs #INFS #knowledge #deload #exercise #training #gymworkouts #learnings #coaches #onlinefitness #explanation

Bhavana Pujar

It means if after 10 reps I am little bit tired, still I have to continue for 4 to 5 reps for muscle growth Right?

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