Sheenam Gandhi

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Eating Out #Responsibly - Yes! It’s possible.

Dieting Psychology
Meeting Friends? Family Celebration? Work Travel? Weekend Getaway?

Numerous reasons we end up convincing ourselves to eat out. But, are they strong enough to be eating what we shouldn’t be? NO!! It’s about awareness, a little effort and the control to make the right choice when eating-out. Its all about Eating-Out Responsibly. A few tips to keep in mind when ordering your food at a restaurant next time: - Know the food you are going to eat: Go through the menu and speak to the chef or a server to know more about what’s in the dish you are selecting. Portion size, sides, sauces, the way its being prepared, don’t hesitate in asking about what’s being served to you. - Ask for it your way: Pick a dish that can be altered to your needs, sauce on the side, baked instead of fried, no butter on top of your bread, no sugar, an extra egg on top of the chicken. We don’t realize but when we are passionate about something the people around us help in every way they can. - Sharing isn’t always the best option: We have a habit to order for variety or decide to share thinking we want to eat less. Pick an item for yourself and enjoy it thoroughly. Ensure you take an approx. Calorie count for the same. - Low-carb meals are not the only option: A common option to seen on the menu these days. But Low-Carb doesn’t mean Low-Cal. Don’t blindly trust the dish because it claims to be low-carb, read between the lines and keep in mind the overall Calorie of the dish. - Skip the Dessert: A celebration does not necessarily need a dessert to make it feel like one. Control and perseverance is what you keep in mind when making those 60 second decisions of ordering the dessert or not. Tips only help and be useful when done in moderation and understanding your personal goals well. Carefully planning and not avoidance is the key to a sustainable lifestyle.
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