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Dumbell Rows : Avoiding Common Mistakes

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Dumbell Rows :

Few Mistakes That You can avoid : 1) Keeping your back neutral : Always keep your back neutral and your head aligned with your back.Wheather you do bent over dumbell rows or barbell rows your back should always be nice and neutral . 2) Leg Position : As you can see from the first picture by keeping the legs forward you are not allowing the dumbell enough space to move that turns out you will have less range of motion. On the other side in picture 2 you can see the leg slightly behind the bench will allow in greater range of motion . 3)Breathing : Always brace your core as you pull the dumbell(inhale) and exhale as you descent . 4)Retracting the scapulas : While pulling the arm retract your scapulas before you pull the dumbell towards you just like you do in midrows , lat pulldowns . Make sure you dont ego - lift and go lower with weights to work on your lats and properly contract them .

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