Arpit Kushwaha

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Stop treating your body as the problem.

The reason most of the people, who are on their transformation journey fail is because they constantly think their body is the problem. They keep telling themselves, I don't look good and if I lose a few pounds I'll start looking good and I'll feel happy. But understand this, your body is not your problem. Your problems are your habits and your perspective towards them. When you treat your body as the problem, you start using food as a tool to control your body and your happiness. You get into so much hurry that you want to achieve your dream body overnight. You think what do I do to lose xyz kgs in these many weeks. That creates the entire problem. You start doing extreme things like doing extreme diets, using fat burning supplements, or endless amount of physical activities. You think that by doing all these things you will get your dream body immediately. But trust me this will ruin your current peace of mind too. You won't enjoy eating your food. You won't enjoy doing your workouts. Eventually you will burn out and leave everything, because you think your body is problem and you are trying to fix it by punishing yourself doing all these things. I read this thing somewhere "You are not fixing something which is broken, you are improving what's already awesome." So, listen to me, you are already awesome and by taking care of what you are eating and what you are doing, you are making it more fantastic. Fix your habits and change your perspective, because these things are your problem and not your body.

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