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hey guys i hope you are doing great.

to, for todays topic i have chosen to write a little note on what goes behind their head when they join a gym 1. sir 2 months ho gye body mein changes ni aa rhe h? 2. sir biceps ni badh rha h? 3. sir workout ke time weights ni utha paa rhe h? 4. sir apke jaisa body banane mein kitna time lagega? TO ALL THESE QUESTIONS THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER! CONSISTENCY EFFORTS PASSION ALL OTHER THINGS LIKE STRENGTH, PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES, DROP IN FAT PERCENT, INCH LOSS, INCREASED MUSCLE MASS ETC COMES AS A BYPRODUCT OF THESE THREE PILLARS. FOCUS ON BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION HAVE A AWESOME EVENING GUYS

Ripu Daman

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