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Don’t let your cravings drag you down the well

The answers is YES however before we do that we need to understand few things.

********************************************** Self-regulation is a term to describe the different process a person can achieve or pursue goals. Two major distinctions Self-regulation is been captured keeping emotional and behavioural challenges that must be addressed or help you solve the issues faced while chasing towards your goal. Goal setting and goal striving Goal setting - It determine which goal one wants to follow so the things can be planned accordingly.Goal setting might take less efforts and time. Where as Goal striving refers to how we can plan the way to achieve that particular goal in a much efficient manner. *********************************************** Approach - What approach are you going to use to reach your health goals? Approach might change with person to person. Are you planning to go on super restrictive diet and be frustrated all your life or are you going to plan things smartly ? To be honest any way which works for you Is fine. Some people might not be able adhere to the diet because of the emotional connect they have with certain food ! for eg : I eat sweet when I am sad , I drink when I am happy etc .This is not so easy to break .You are going to need some time to slowly move into clean eating habits. Some of us start the diet saying from Monday I am going to diet and around the weekend you break again. So, what do we do next? Self-regulation and choosing the best approach ! How are you going to pursue your goals? 1.Plan the diet which you think might be sustainable for you. It can be low carb , high carb etc . 2. Prioritise your food choices. For e.g. I Like to have to something sweet in my diet so I would like keep a piece of chocolate in my diet every day. So you need to add it so that you can fit them in you overall macros. 3.If you have a very good control over food items which means you would be able stop eating chocolate as per the quantities given in the diet then you are at a safer side .If you cannot stop eating them for you guys best thing is to have that much quantity at home and not the entire packet! Let’s say you keep one small packet of chocolate in your diet so make sure you just have that one pack at home and not more. I know it’s difficult to buy everyday but trust me this is one of the best ways. Slowly you will have much better control with that particular food! 4.Try slowly to reduce the connect you have with any particular food item. If you had a habit of eating something sweet when you are happy then try to choose any heathy sweet options which is low in calories and satisfies your need. 5.Do keep small treat meals for yourself once in a while and try also to keep those within the calorie count. 6.Do change your recipes time to time and do not stick to same recipe for a long time. 7.Keep Replacing food items with other similar eatables. for e.g. 1 whole egg = 25 gms paneer = 25 gms cheese) Always remember that your body is a lot different from others so do not treat it the same way. We all have different kind of cravings and requirement so do take them into considerations and plan ahead. I hope this was helpful. Thanks. References:

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