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Don’t let short term setbacks derail your journey!

There have been days recently where I have questioned whether the effort & time I was putting into training was really worth it, as I was struggling with a recurring shoulder injury & was “feeling" like I was going backwards in terms of muscle growth & strength, rather than forwards. But then I re-acquainted myself with this old photo from a few months before I started my fitness journey in early 2017, & I was quickly reminded of how far I have come. I have now reset, knocked over those mental roadblocks, and am back kicking goals 👊.

We all go through those periods where we doubt ourselves, where we plateau in our training, or start seeing negative fluctuations in weight, strength, energy etc, or where injuries try to throw us off our path. It is important not to get too worked up about these short term setbacks or fluctuations - keep your eye on the long term & everything will normally work out. Training is not all physical. It requires mental preparation and a daily resolve to continue and give 100%. Remember - every workout you do, every balanced healthy meal you eat, is a stepping stone to a better you! 💪💪

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