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Don't have enough time to workout?

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If you are only getting 25-35 mins to workout for some reason.You will have to make the best of those minutes by making sure all the muscle groups are targeted while keeping a decent volume.

Two key points which can be efficient in such cases 1-Smart exercise selection- Include compound exercises, which are squats,bench press,deadlift, overhead press,rows,pushups,pull ups,etc. This will help you to target multiple muscle groups with a single exercise. 2-Training techniques- Dropsets and supersets are very helpful training techniques in this case. Dropsets- It helps to increase the volume of the set. How to perform dropsets? Let's say you picked up 10 kgs and performed a certain exercise for 10 reps.You will immediately change the weight to 6 kgs without taking any rest and perform the exercise for few more reps until failure.You can repeat the same process by dropping from 6kgs to 4 kgs. Supersets- It helps to perform multiple exercises in short period of time. How to perform supersets? Let's say you performed a set of "Bicep curl". You will immediately start doing a set of "tricep extension" without taking any rest during the transition. We will discuss more on how to efficiently design your supersets in my future posts so stay tuned. Hope it was helpful. Drop your queries in the comment section and I will get back to it. COACH - SHEIKH NAJID SIDDIQUEE

Dr Poonam Sharma

please add more to this post short of time and conpound exercises an overview

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