Arpit Kushwaha

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Thing that I've observed and learnt while transforming myself and others is we need to stop forcing fitness. Don't take it otherwise, let me complete what I have to say.

When it comes to dieting, rather than forcing yourself into any specific diets like I want to follow keto, low carb, calorie cycling or any other diet for that matter, figure what diet will you enjoy doing. Do keto and eat rice when you feel like eating rice. Do IF and take snacks if you that helps you with adherence. Rather than worrying about numbers and ratios see what is helping you with adherence and maintaining the required deficit or surplus that you want. Call it my comfortable diet and stay honest with your goals. If you don't like any particular exercise don't do it. There is no specific exercise which will build your muscles. Find out the exercises that you are comfortable doing, that you enjoy and that is safe for you. Do that exercise for that particular muscle group and make sure you are training with adequate volume. Call it my workout routine. Do whatever helps you to adhere to your plan and sustain the progress. Don't try to fit into brackets and find out things which you would love to do. If you plan things this way the chance your failure will become very less. The moment you stop forcing things, it becomes very easy to follow them. While doing these things make sure you are staying honest towards your goals and not lying yourself just to stay in your comfort zone.

Ganesh Singh Gsraj

sir Mike meri body change karna hai

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