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'Don't feel like working out today?'

Don't feel like working out today???

Whether you’re a gym rat or a fitness beginner, we all have days when we don’t feel like working out. Maybe it’s been a stressful week. Maybe you used to go to the gym regularly but fell off, and you’re now having a hard time returning. Or maybe you just have no idea where to start and are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect. Whatever the reason, sometimes we just don’t feel like working out. It’s not who you are that holds you back, It’s who you think you’re not… “You get one life. You can take this opportunity to live it to the fullest and really, really put yourself in the best position possible. Heart attacks are real. High blood pressure is real. The diseases and discomfort that comes with not taking care of yourself is real.” AND IF YOU’RE NOT SEEING THE RESULTS RIGHT AWAY, REMEMBER THIS “No short cuts!” Don’t cave in. That’s normally where it goes all bad. Those are the people who fail.” The voice in your head that says you can’t do it is a liar. Slow progress is still a progress! WHEN YOU’RE NOT FEELING MOTIVATED, REMEMBER THIS No coach, No mentor, No quote will inspire you or drag you to the gym. It’s your performance in the gym, that will decide your consistency. Accept every workout session as a challenge. Better your performance every day in terms of form and technique. Make every session your personal victory and that sense of achievement, that feeling of being better every day, will definitely pull you to the gym. You can’t wait for people to tell you that you have what it takes. You have to tell them. It's your journey! You have to make the efforts, no one else will!

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