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Don’t fall for “High in Protein” written on the packets.

Hello Guys

I Hope you guys are doing great ! Writing about few pointers about how to choose the smartest option with regards to macros while looking on any packed food ! Few days back we were in a grocery store and one of my friend told me that hey Shobith look what I found .He showed me a packet of chips which said it is “HIGH IN PROTEIN”. He asked you can eat this right ? Me - Hmmm.. I checked the label and what I found was that it had 8 gms protein , 56 gms carbohydrates and 19 gms fat per 100 gms. So 8*4 + 56*4 + 19*9 = 427 calories . I just explained my friend that just because it has 8 gms protein in 100 gms doesn’t mean it is “high in protein”. I would rather call it “HIGH IN CALORIES WITH LESS PROTEIN ”. However there is no issue consuming it if you can afford that much calories .If your diet allows it you can definitely have them and adjust them in your macros. These are just some branding strategies where they advertise these products labelling “HIGH IN PROTEIN ” so that people can buy it. These products may or may not be high in product but we neglect to look in to other macros like carbohydrates and fats . So from next time if you are looking to buy a packed food item do look the overall calories and just do not fall for what is written on the packet . There is no point covering your protein intake when you are totally exceeding your overall calorie intake for the day. I hope this was of some use . Do let me know if any other topics can be addressed I would love to write about it . Stay fit 🤘🏽 Thanks for the read 🙏🏼

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