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Don’t chase a goal, chase a healthy lifestyle!

I’m overweight, my body fat percentage is high, I’m dull at work, I’m not making any progress in terms of strength & motivation doesn’t work for me etc etc. We keep on listening these things everyday both from within and external channels. But, what do we do to overcome these? It is apt if we say that our mind affects our body and helps us to get the body that we dream for. What are the SIX mistakes that keeps you overweight? 1. Focus on carbs instead of overall calories: Carbs aren’t enemies. You can include them in your diet. At the end of the day it is always about the calories IN vs calories OUT. Being on deficit, following quantified nutrition is what helps. 2. Focus on motivation not on momentum: Motivation is quite overrated. Don’t give excuse that I’m not motivated enough to do this. Be your own source of motivation. Instead of focusing over motivation enjoy the journey, follow what your coach says. Go for 10K/day, follow control portions of diet and workout. 3. Focus on cardio instead of power lifting: Cardio is not going to make you lean. Include lifting sessions to see the best results and to gain strength. It actually helps you to get lean and give you the toned body that you want. 4. Focus only on perfection instead of progress: Most of the time we are obsessed about the scale number but that should not be the way to check progress. Click your picture to see the difference. Perfection comes with the progress. Consistency in diet and workout brings the progress. 5. Focus on restriction not on restraint: While being on your journey of weight loss, you’re not supposed to focus on restrictions. Restriction will only bring resentment. You can eat or drink but that should be in your macros. 6. Focus on end goal instead of small gains: You’re growing when you know that you can lift 15 kgs now when you struggle to lift 5kgs. These small gains are worth of your journey. Daily wins and gains leads to you the end goal slowly. Slow and steady wins the race. To overcome these you should avoid unrealistic approaches and negative self talks. Keep focus only healthier, leaner, confident and mindful person in your mind.

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