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Fitness Myths
I once ran an 400m race in my college days. I had absolutely no experience of it and never practiced. The race started and I ran as fast as I could and I was way ahead of everyone else. For a sec I thought that I was too good. Around the 100m mark, people were still way behind and I felt that I was not able to Maintain my speed. I started slowing down and one by one competitors started coming closer. One guy passed me and then another and even though I gave it everything but I was not able to match them. I kept on getting slower and at 250-300m reached a point where I was not able to run any more. I was so out of breath that I couldn't even walk properly. I was not even able to make it to the finish line. After some years I discussed this with my childhood bestie. He was an athelete and had participated in many competition. He told me that 400m is one of the most technical of all races. You just can't jump on the track and expect to do good. Also, no matter how much you sprint at the start, it's of no use if you cannot maintain the speed and finish the race. Rather not running too hard at the start is advantageous.

So why am I narrating this incident? Maybe there's a lesson in it. Having worked with numerous people I see many people making the same mistake with their workout and diet. The way I participated without even knowing the game, they hop on a diet and workout plan without understanding the basics. The way I sprinted my lungs out at the start, they jump on unsustainable restrictive diets and excessively tiring workouts. They way I gassed out and could never finish the race, they end up hitting a wall and bounce back to their old habits in no time eventually never reaching the end goal. It's not about how fast you drop the intial few kgs or how many hours you sweat it out intially. It's about the sustainable system you develop so that you reach the goal eventually without burning out.
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