Chhavi Sethi

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Don’t blame others for making you eat


On my last post I got some responses like - thanks for the tips, sometimes you just can’t avoid eating out. There are social formalities and you are forced to eat. This got me thinking, can someone force you to eat/drink? Are you a baby, you can’t even force a baby to eat after he is full. Let’s think of it like this - If you are a non smoker, would you smoke if someone asked you to? If you are a vegetarian, would you eat non-veg if someone asked you to? Saying something like ‘I’ve made this with so much especially for you, please have atleast one bite.’ Would you? If you observe some religious fasts, would you eat outside of what is allowed as part of your custom? I hope the answer to all the above is No. That is because for you not eating in those circumstances is a priority and you stand up for yourself and say NO. When it comes to following your diet plan it is the same thing. If you have a goal and make it a priority, you can stand up for yourself and say NO. There are ways to politely refuse, if you really want to. If you do choose to eat under ‘societal pressure’, remember YOU chose to eat. Someone didn’t force you. YOU had the choice to say no. So take responsibility for your decision instead of blaming someone else. The control is always in your hand.
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