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Does the taste of your food affect your progress?

Dieting Psychology
I stopped buying cheese!

*** I'm a big fan of cheese and cheese products. If I ever gorge on pizza, it's not so much for the pizza as much as it is for the cheese in it. And no matter how much of it I eat, I always end up wanting more of it. *** Not saying there's anything wrong with eating cheese. If I'm on a diet, there's definitely a way for me to add it in there and stay happy forever. But here's the thing: if I eat the one serving that's there in my diet, when I'm finished with it, I'm gonna end up wanting more. It's going to make it harder for me to stick to my diet. Fuck that. Instead, I can remove cheese completely from my diet, and cook the rest of the foods just well enough to not make it too bland and boring but not so good that I can't stop eating (not that I have the skills). *** Even with my clients, I've seen this to be the common theme. If you make your diet hyper-palatable, it's going to be hard to NOT eat, and if you keep it too bland and boring, you're not going to make it till the end without giving up in between. As always, MODERATION IS KEY! #dieting #palatability #food #delish #gyaanchod #coaching #tips #skills #nutrition #diet #cheese

Abhay Jain

its all about marcos not taste i think!!

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