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Does sleep affect muscle growth??

Why ?? How ??

Glucose is a type of sugar that is stored within the body and used for energy. It is, in fact, the only kind of sugar that the body can break down for energy. Any other kind of sugar that we ingest is broken down into glucose before our muscles can use it for energy. During sleep, blood glucose gets stored in the muscle as muscle glycogen. While glucose exists in other locations in the body (the blood and liver), muscle glycogen is a preferred location because it produces more energy than when glucose comes from the blood. Sleep is also necessary to balance your hormones. While you’re sleeping, your body releases anabolic hormones like testosterone and IGF-1, which are necessary for muscle growth. Lack of sleep can slow the rate your body releases these hormones and bring your bulking to a grinding halt. Additionally, sleep also brings down the levels of muscle breaking hormones, like cortisol, in your body. Basically, sleep helps you preserve muscle mass while you try to bulk or even lose weight. Lastly, a lack of sleep can increase your levels of the appetite-raising hormone ghrelin while lowering your levels of the hormone leptin, which makes you feel full. This can make you crave snacks and food that’s outside of your strict muscle-building diet. So don’t just focus on your workout when you’re trying to get in shape--make sure you get great sleep too. You can take all the supplements, eat all the protein and lift all the weights you want, but our muscles repair and grow when we rest - and there's no better rest than sleep. We know sleep deprivation can make you gain weight, increase your stress hormone cortisol levels and even mess with your appetite-suppressing hormone leptin. But sleep is key to muscle growth as well as general physical well-being, so understanding exactly what happens when you go to bed is important. Thanks!

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how much sleep is must?

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