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Does DIETING word haunt you?

Having some target and starting the fitness regimen, decided with the the diet and workout. But that diet word itself is something starts haunting you. You always tend to take that diet with "ON/OFF SWITCH".

"Let me diet for three months and then I am not going to diet again...." "Gosh, I am dieting...." Constantly thinking about diet and making the monster of it is something which I have seen a problem with people. They tend to stress out so much with that term 'diet', this creates additional stress of "dieting". Why this happens? * You tend to think of it every time and never want your mind to forget that you are dieting. * You always keep your mind busy with this thought that you don't want it to come out of it and subconsciously keeping mind busy all time thinking about diet. * Stressing out on details alot. Come on 41 gm of rice in place of 40 gm will not blew away your diet. * On off switch with food, which leds to bad food relationship. * Freaking out with the thought of failure of diet everytime. There are many more points which leads unnecessary stressing out so much. Why we always consider that this is something "special rocket science" we are doing which needs to be done for some time? Why we cannot accept that if dieting word is bothering you then why not take it as lifestyle and consider it as a part of life rather than considering it as just a fire fighting temporary process? Why can't we take it just as calculative and mindful eating rather than treating it as super stressful thing? Trust me, I tried to remove this one stress out of mind and I never felt if I was dieting. It become part of my life, there is nothing like ON/OFF switch. Its all the mindful eating and not restricting to just some set of foods. But its like eating everything but judiciously. * Don'tstress out so much with these thought that you are dieting. * Include food you take in daily life not some super exotic brown healthy food options. * Don't go super science in approach, keep your food and strategy simple. * Keep option limited which you can procure easily. * You don't need brown rice when all family is eating white one. If you can sustain and remain happy with white rice then do it. * Don't think you are doing something different. Its just normal "ghar ka khana" you are eating but just in a planned and mindful way. * Enjoy this process and embrace it. Don't cut dates on calendar to shutdown the diet. Try this rocket science and I am sure you will love the process and you will get the better results 😁😁😁
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