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I have often seen and heard people worrying about things on which they have no control. For example, our results, they can be academic, professional, social or physical.

What we can do is, to put our 100% energy in doing things on which we have control and, stop worrying about the outcomes. This can be applied in all aspects of life. 🤔For now, let me focus on fitness aspect, on a fitness journey most ‘not in control’ things which bother us are: 🤔How much time it will take to lose ‘X’ amount of weight or inches? 🤔When will be the results physically visible? 🤔When my waist will look slim? 🤔When will my biceps/triceps/and most importantly Abs will be visible? 🤔Why I am not losing weight but losing inches? etc. etc. There are ‘n’ number of questions which cannot be answered with exact figures. So, its always better to work honestly and whole heatedly on things which we can control and see good progress/ results. Always remember fitness is not short-term goal it has to be for lifetime, and it’s always YOU vs YOU, so never settle for less. FOCUS ON BEST AND LEAVE THE REST You can control ✔️Be consistent with your diet and exercise ✔️Treat yourself with kindness ✔️Set realistic goals ✔️Bring down stress quotient. You cannot control ❌How fast you lose weight on scale ❌How fast you lose inches ❌Other’s reactions on your progress ❌Big visible changes

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