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Do you really need to exercise?

Exercise Science
I see a lot of people asking if they need to workout along with diet to lose weight or if they can lose without excercise.

The answer is yes, you can lose weight by just following a good diet without any exercise but is this the right way to do it? Absolutely no unless you’re bedridden. Losing weight is a matter of calories, you take in less calories than you need and you will lose weight. You take in more calories than needed, and you’ll gain weight. However as you age, a lot of factors affect your needed amount of calories or BMR/TDEE, one of them being your activity levels and muscle mass. Even fat mass affects your BMR. So naturally if at a certain age you are eating 5 burgers to lose weight, after 5 years, you’ll have to eat 3 to lose weight, eating the same 5 burgers will make you gain weight because you’re wasting away a lot of muscles as you age every year and accumulating fat. This gradual muscle loss is also called as sarcopenia. And that’s why most people when they lose weight without any weight training tend to gain it back very quickly when they go back to old diet. Lucky for you there’s a solution- resistance training. The only thing that can keep your muscles intact against the rage of time and even augment them if you lift seriously without using your phone in the gym. Gods get really happy when you don’t run on treadmills and so you start getting bonus muscles (try it)! With muscles, it’s simple. You don’t use them, you lose them. End of story. Don’t lose them. It’ll hurt more than a breakup. More when you get older, literally! Stay awesome, lift everyday, read the pinned post too. I was coming from Nagpur yesterday, I noticed every single man/women on the airport had a tummy, even if they were lean, they had a small tummy, even the policemen. That’s what happens when you eat at haldirams and don’t even lift. A guy at the wedding stuffed 3 rasgullas in my mouth, hated that 😑. He had some sort of target to complete. Can you imagine? There’s people out there trying to make the whole world fat! Asking if you need to workout while trying to get fit is like asking if you’d need a gun to fight the zombie apocalypse. Let’s save this world from tummy apocalypse! We’re its only hope! Cheers JC

M Vijay Kumar

Just love it! very well written JC sir

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