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Do You Need To Change Your Workout Regularly?

Exercise Science
Do you need to change your workout regularly?

Many Fitness Gurus continue to preach that it's essential to switch workout routines regularly to ‘confuse muscles’ for consistent growth, and many end up believing the same. Such people make little to no progress or worse, injure themselves in the process. When it comes to programming an exercise routine, there is no one size that fits all. The program has to be tailored for the person and after considering other non-fitness factors too, such as adherence. A study by Eneko Baz-Valle, Brad J. Schoenfeld, and colleagues compare the effects of a traditional resistance training program (fixed exercises and repetition ranges) to a program where exercises and repetition ranges were randomized (generated by an app). The control group had 12 total exercises vs 80 total exercises in the experimental group. The training volume was equal for both groups. After completing 8 weeks of exercise regime, the participants were asked to perform their 1-RM muscle thickness, anthropometric measurements, and motivation tests. The results on muscle thickness and anthropometric measurements were very similar in both groups but the control group performed slightly better on 1-RM strength compared to the experimental group. Though there was no significant difference and the study did have a few drawbacks, the authors concluded that it would be beneficial to keep more complex exercises such as squats, deadlifts, rows, etc, in regular rotation throughout a training cycle and vary movements that do not require a high degree of motor learning like leg extensions, arm curls, etc. Content by Anshul Dhamande References: 1. Baz-Valle, E., Schoenfeld, B. J., Torres-Unda, J., Santos-Concejero, J., & Balsalobre-Fernández, C. (2019). The effects of exercise variation in muscle thickness, maximal strength and motivation in resistance trained men. Plos one, 14(12), e0226989.

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