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Do you have time for your workouts? 🏋️🤔🤔

Yes or No? Often clients complain and just keep asking, is only diet enough for fat loss? Is really workout important to lose weight? Is walking 10000 steps a day not enough? Let's understand, Workouts play a very vital role in a person's health. If we keep on checking the list for the importance of workouts the list will be never-ending. So why do people generally avoid their workouts even after knowing its importance? Here's the thing: • Either they have no time or hectic schedule or don't have that time management skills. • Or they are just not concerned about their health. These are some of the common reasons why people avoid their workouts. Obviously, everyone is concerned about their health to some extent, so it all comes down to your time management skills and priorities. Let's understand how to face it. • First and the most important thing is you don't need a gym for working out. 60-70% of people are concerned about the same thing. The answer to this is a big 'NO' Workouts can be done anytime, anywhere you just need that urge and that knowledge to do it. If you develop a right strategy that fits in your busy schedule you will definitely succeed. • Managing your schedule. You should have that time management skill within you. 90% of people are working and have a hectic schedule, it's common, you need to adjust accordingly. A small 30-45mins of workouts any time of the day can also be very effective when it comes to achieving your fitness goals and staying healthy. So the bottom line is, Set your priorities right, manage your time and make the most of it, excuses will only take you away from your fitness goals and healthy lifestyle. And yes, Always take care of your body, that's the only place you live in. So how do you manage your time for workouts? 😀

Trina Bhattacharjee

how much time gap should we give between any meal and a workout?

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